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Photograph by founder of A.B.F.M. Magazine™ Stefanie Lynn Hendra

A.B.F.M. Magazine™ welcomes all creative’s.

I can’t wait to collaborate together! I am always here for you and want to make this stress free and a wonderful experience. You'll be featured on the website, in our Artist directory. Featured on Instagram and Instagram stories.
Please send all Submissions for Featured Artist to artbooksfilmmusicmagazine@gmail.com

1. Artwork up to 10 images of work or how many you want me to feature or I can pick the pieces out for you if you can’t decide.

2. Medium, Dimensions and year of artwork. Sometimes artists prefer not to put in the year of artwork. It is your choice.

3. Please submit only jpg files. High resolution 300 DPI. There is a video option if you would like to pair with your art. Supported platforms are MP4, Vimeo, GIF, YouTube and Soundcloud.

4. Is your artwork for sale?

5. Do you have a website, store or social media you want me to include on how to be contacted?

6. It is up to you if you want to submit an artist biography and/ or statement. I would recommend putting a statement.

7. Do you have any upcoming solo show, group exhibition, art in place, front porch projects or are you working with a Gallery that you want me to mention? Online shows?

8. I know it is rough through these trying times, please know I am here to help.

9. I created this website to help all types of artists to get the exposure they deserve. This is a wonderful opportunity. Thank you and this is going to be very exciting collaborating together!