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Submisson and publishing fee.
Submisson and publishing fee.

A.B.F.M. Magazine™ Fine Art Photography Group Exhibition. “ I love you always.”

This online group exhibition will represent the relationship you have with a loved one. Please show us reflection photography only. Keep in mind the theme. Must be 18+ years old to apply. Must be the artist's original artwork and not somebody else's. All rights reserved to the artists on the A.B.F.M. Magazine™'s website, Instagram/Facebook. Please email artbooksfilmmusicmagazine@gmail.com if you have any questions. Part of the submissions is going to the charity Mirai no Mori.
Self-taught, emerging, mid-career, and established artists for this exhibition. This exhibition is curated by: Founder & Editor of A.B.F.M. Magaine™ Stefanie Lynn Casaceli Hendra.

Below is the form to fill out: