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Artist Biography:

"I started making art in the summer of 2018. My husband is a musician, and he suggested that we have 'creative time' a couple of times a week. I had never considered myself creative, but I had a small sketchbook, so I decided that I would draw during these times. I started with just a mechanical pencil, then worked into art pencils, and just this spring I moved to charcoal. I've learned and improved just by drawing a lot and being inspired by other dark artists' work."

Artist Statement:

“I think it's important, as well as fascinating, to explore the darker things in life. My favorite works of art are those which merge beauty and horror, so I'm always looking for new ways to do that. I like to draw macabre characters and imagery. I work primarily in charcoal, because I feel that it lends moodiness and a shadowy depth to the pieces that I create.”

Mackenzie Nees-Charleston

Mackenzie Nees-Charleston Biography & Artist Statement