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"Bad hair day" depicts a recurring dream I've been having now and then. It's a dream on the edge of a nightmare. I'm never frightened by the spider's presence when in the dream. Awakening brings mixed emotions and confusion.

"Bad Hair Day" by Barbara Russa
"Bad Hair Day" by Barbara Russa
Ball pen on paper
A4 (210x297 mm)

Barbara Russa (born in 1994, in Poland) is a dedicated artist who specializes in the mediums of colored pencils and ballpoint pens. Her artistic endeavors revolve around the intricate interplay between the natural world and humanity, with a distinctive emphasis on bestowing agency upon non-human elements. In her evocative works, nature takes center stage, while human figures, if present, serve as passive observers against a backdrop of nature's grandeur.

In stark contrast to the prevailing state of the world, Russa's art entrusts nature with the commanding role, where it wields dominion over the human experience. Her meticulously crafted drawings serve as a poignant response to the acts of cruelty perpetrated by humans upon the environment, often stemming from irrational fear, desires for dominance, and insatiable greed.

However, her artistic vision transcends the conventional understanding of nature. Russa delves into the profound relationships that exist within the natural world, portraying non-animate beings, such as trees and flora, as sentient entities with emotions and connections. Her works unveil the intricate tapestry of emotions and interconnectedness that bind these living entities, showcasing the intricate web of life that often goes unnoticed.

Russa's artistic journey is deeply rooted in her upbringing and personal philosophy. Raised in a serene, rural village, she is the offspring of a veterinarian and a gardening professor, instilling in her a profound reverence for all forms of life. This enduring respect continues to be the bedrock of her creative expression, shaping her profound connection with the natural world that breathes life into her art.

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Published JST, Sun October 05, 2023