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Welcome to everyone who loves to be spooked, scared, and loves Halloween. This is A.B.F.M. Magazines® first Halloween Group Exhibition online. I enjoyed collaborating with all the Artists and putting the whole exhibition together. So many wonderful artists around the world contributed to this Halloween Exhibition. Please take the time to support our artists and their artwork. A lot of artwork is available for purchase.

Halloween holds a special place in my life and my family's life because in my household it's celebrated all year long. I am a child of the 80s-90s being exposed at a young age I admire all the work and dedication of all types of horror films past and present, especially the soundtracks.

During the Halloween season, I love to go to multiple haunted houses, decorate our house, dress up, carve pumpkins, make Halloween Art, trick or treating, and give and receive lots of candy treats.

Ever since my family and I moved to Japan we get to experience how the Japanese celebrate Halloween. Japanese horror films are deeply rooted in the folk tales of their culture that are passed down from each generation to the next.
Where I currently live at the historical Naval Air Facility Atsugi there is a mysterious tree called The "Haunted Tree" you can't damage it in any way or you will be cursed. There are a few haunted buildings and tunnels on the base as well.

Happy Halloween!!

Much love to you all,
Founder, editor and curator of A.B.F.M. Magazine®

A.B.F.M. Magazine® Halloween Group Exhibition! 10/01/2020
October 2020