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Winner: Angela Nolan/Writer

I light the candle and position it so its gentle flickering can just be seen through the dilapidated window which is usually enough, humans are naturally very curious creatures. I stand and wait in the shadows by the front door where I can look outside without being seen and squeeze the bridge of my nose; the whispers are getting louder again, clawing at my head from the inside so I need someone to walk by soon. After a short time a young woman comes past, and as expected she stops and tilts her head inquisitively, peering into the house to see what the candle’s small light might illuminate, but she doesn’t give it long before shaking her head and continuing on. She needs more intrigue so I pull open the old, creaking front door just a crack as she gets to it. That’s enough, she can’t resist the house’s pull any more. As she enters, I slam the door behind her and let the house do the rest and blissfully the whispers are replaced by her screams and I can find some peace until the house is hungry once more.

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A.B.F.M. Magazine® Six-sentence horror story. Winner: Angela Nolan