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Winner: Tyler Smart/Writer

It started as something small, a slender snag of flesh hanging off the bottom of my fingernail. It reminded me of a loose thread, so I pulled it, almost relieved by the sting of my skin parting. It came easily, like tearing the delicate stitching of a velvet glove, unseaming it. Soon the strip of flesh was the length of my finger, a raw pink trench in its wake. I kept pulling, ripping the flesh down to my wrist, watching as it weaved down the back of my hand, following the invisible stitches holding me together. The pain brought tears to my eyes but still I pulled, each inch gained another loose thread in my being undone, another fault erased, just pulling and the pain until there was nothing left.

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A.B.F.M. Magazine® Six-sentence horror story. Winner: Tyler Smart