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Artist Bio:

Joseph Kirkham grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah, America and after graduating from college he moved to Hollywood California to pursue acting. While there, he started to paint again after a long hiatus and has not stopped. He has since moved to Japan where he continues to draw, learn Japanese, and is working hard to connect with art galleries and to establish himself as a working artist in Japan.

Artist Statement:

Creating art for me is a sacred time, a one-on-one dance with my pen and a blank piece of paper. I always draw with a pen first and I go where the pen takes me. If I alter in any way, I don`t count it as a mistake, but instead, take on a new journey and always trust my instincts as I draw. If I can capture any sort of feeling with my art, I feel I have accomplished something as an artist despite the outcome. The ability to channel my feelings into artwork is a passion that I will continue to expand, and I hope those who see my art can experience something too.

Joseph Kirkham
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Spotlight Artist: Joseph Kirkham Bio/Statement