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Testing myself using Procreate. I had recently got an I pad when I made this so it took a while to get used before creating this. I wanted to make it look poster-esc and based the style off of Raul Urias!

11" x 14"

I am a painter and illustrator. My works primarily focus on beauty and love primarily using women and flowers as the Subject of my pieces.
I use traditional materials like acrylic, watercolor,ink, and now I'm doing digital.
"My music has quite a bit of range, stretching from Chopin to Dababy. It really depends on the mood I'm in during that day. I do put songs on repeat when painting and if I do change it, the new song has a similar rhythm and flow as the previous. But mainly classical music, a lot of Tchaikovsky."

"Paparazzi" is published in A.B.F.M. Magazine® Issue 1 print version.

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TikTok: @malik_holliganlewis