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Artist Bio:
Cole Birmingham is a queer photographer, community activist, and fourth-year medical student who has dedicated a large part of his work to increasing awareness of LGBTQ+ issues, culture, and history in order to break down barriers. Many LGBTQ+ individuals have to access healthcare and mental health services. His project, "Moments from The Scene" is an ongoing photography project exhibition of select photographs documenting the spaces, colors, shapes, bodies, and culture of Queer Nightlife in America.

Artist Statement:
I'm interested in cataloging LGBTQ+ clubs and bars across America. They are historical in that they have been bastions of safety for queer people. But they've also had their own problems and issues that make them very complex locations associated with the queer community. My aim is to evoke feelings of nostalgia and curiosity about these spaces.

Cole Birmingham
Society6: society6.com/thesc3ne
IG: instagram.com/the.sc3ne

Published on July 10, 2023

Cole Birmingham: Bio/Artist Statement