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“Curtain Call” by Cole Birmingham, evokes the liminal aspects of the before and the after in the context of performance and life. It is part of a larger body of work titled “R3d Receipts,” which is focused on capturing the power and seduction of the color red in queer spaces. Imagine yourself at the intersection of the stage and reality. Where does one end and the other begin? What lies beyond the curtain, and what does the mirror reflect?

"Curtain Call" by Cole Birmingham
"Curtain Call" by Cole Birmingham

Cole Birmingham (he/him) is a queer photographer and fourth-year medical student who uses his art as a way to process his own place in the queer community while connecting with others by capturing the bodies, colors, forms, shapes, and perspectives of queer spaces across the United States of America. As an artist and community activist, Cole aims to showcase the diversity and unity of the queer community to raise awareness and reduce barriers that LGBTQ+ folks have to healthcare and mental health services.

This is Cole Birmingham's first time exhibiting at A.B.F.M. Magazine®'s Online Halloween Group Exhibition. Cole is our call for art-featured artist for Pride Month and is in our featured artist directory.

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Society6: society6.com/thesc3ne
IG: instagram.com/the.sc3ne

Published JST, Sun October 01, 2023