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"Persephone" by Elisa Rossi
"Persephone" by Elisa Rossi
Oil on canvas

Elisa Rossi is an Italian-American artist based in Los Angeles and uses different mediums to create expressive artworks that fluctuate between figuration and abstraction. The metamorphic imagery invites the viewer into a personal exploration of alternative, parallel worlds and encourages intimate inner experiences. The work explores the symbiotic relationship between the subconscious mind and the expressive act of creation. Carl G. Jung’s work ‘The Red Book’ deeply impacted her in approaching this area of research along with ‘The Soul Code. In Search of Character and Calling’ written by James Hillman. She develops her creative process as a tantric practice that aims at finding a balance between polarities, in particular between control, planned composition, and structure on one side and the surrendering to the moment and the unfolding of the medium by its own energy on the other. Alchemy, transmutation, spiritual practices, dreams, and ancient traditions deeply impact her subject of investigation and process.

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Published JST, Sun November 05, 2023