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Moment of facing the suppressed inner anger and breaking up with the past self. Leaving the good girl conditioning behind.

 "Breaking up with the Dragon" by Suzana Dželatović
"Breaking up with the Dragon" by Suzana Dželatović
Oil on canvas

Suzana Dželatović was born on May 30, 1989. in Ćuprija, Serbia. In 2012 she graduated from The Faculty of Philology and Arts – Fresco Painting Department and gained her Bachelor's degree in Applied Arts (BAA). Her Master's studies were completed in 2014, at Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade,  where she gained her Master of Fine Arts (MFA), degree. Мember of ULUS (Association of Serbian Fine Art Artists), since 2015. Suzana Dželatović has been working as a freelance painter since 2015.

The images on my canvas come from the open door of my subconsciousness. They are the result of a healing process, an illustration of emotions, hidden and captured in our dark side. There they grow and live a life of their own, begging to be manifested. The quest to achieve wholeness urges us to acknowledge and connect with all parts of ourselves: to meet our dragons. Allow your dragon to connect with mine and give it wings to fly away.

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Published JST, Sun November 05, 2023