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My name is Jacqueline Rueff, and I live in the mountains of Eastern Tennessee. I live in the Cherokee National Forest, and my inspiration comes from the lore and superstitions of the Native peoples and Scot-Irish that lived here. When I walk through this wilderness, the creatures from those tales speak to me in the plants, streams, and wildlife. I see their spirits in the trees and faces in the bark. What I see, I create.
That leads me to my favorite holiday, All Hallows Eve! I love this time of year. The air is crisp and the leaves have turned beautiful red, orange, yellow, and brown hues. Everyone is carving the jack-o-lanterns and making their homes into every little boy’s and girl’s nightmarish dreams. We all get to dress up and relive our childhoods, wearing delightful, scary, and outlandish costumes. No one judges us, and we get to make a child’s dream come true by passing out candies. It’s magical!
I think that’s why I create the art pieces I do. I want to share the spirit of the season all year round. I want you to experience the joy and whimsy that I see every day when I look outside.
I hope that my art gives you a feeling of wonderment and that you get to experience the magical place I call home.

"Beatrice ghost opera singer" by Jacqueline Rueff
"Beatrice ghost opera singer" by Jacqueline Rueff
Clay sculpture
24" tall

Beatrice the ghost opera singer. She is 24" tall hand sculpted, hand painted, and has glass eyes. Her hair is made from white mohair. Her dress is handmade. Her jewelry is vintage paste and retro pieces.
Beatrice Comes with an acrylic music box that plays over the rainbow.

Jacqueline Rueff is a Mixed-media artist from Tennessee. This is Jacqueline's first time exhibiting at the A.B.F.M. Magazine® Online Halloween Group Exhibition and she is featured in our artist directory on the website.

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Published JST, Sun October 01, 2023